Disinter - Breaker of Bones Pest Records CDs


PR028: DISINTER - Breaker of Bones (Full-length, 2022, Pest Records)

Jewel-case CD with 16 pages booklet and clear tray, first edition limited to 300 copies!

released November 14, 2022

Long awaited 6th full-length album by legendary Chicago, Illinois based Death Metal institution DISINTER, the first full-length recorded after 18 years, an absolute lesson in Death Metal violence!


Casey Loving (vox)
Mike “Bats” Martocci (guitars)
Mike LeGros (guitars)
Jon Billman (bass)
Max Colunga (drums)


Recorded at Mercenary Digital Studios • Winter/Spring 2021
Engineered by Scott Creekmore • Produced by Martocci/LeGros
Written by Martocci/LeGros/Billman/Colunga (music) • Loving/LeGros/Martocci (lyrics)
Performed by DISINTER