Disinter - Demolition Pest Records CDs


PR019: DISINTER - Demolition (CD, Pest Records, 2022)

Released January 26, 2022

Available as:

- jewel-case CD with 4 pages booklet limited edition to 300 copies

- Disinter logo patch; white on black, or red on black

- embroidered beanies, white on black, acrylic fiber, one size

- white Disinter logo on black cotton mask (Not medical mask!)

Chicago, Illinois Death Metal legend DISINTER unleash a new compilation made of 3 unreleased demos from the past 3 years for a total of 9 tracks (37 minutes) preparing the fans of the genre for their upcoming new full-length album!

"After new songs were crafted, we wanted to demo material along the way, up to the recording of the new full length BREAKER OF BONES. We infiltrated 3 recording studios 1 per year, for the last 3 years, recording 2 new songs, and
re-recording an older song, with each session. Demo I 2019, Demo II 2020 and Demo III 2021 are the end result, and have been compiled for a release with PEST RECORDS. "DEMOLITION" showcases our first new material in over 15 years. We are anxiously awaiting this release which will go corpse in casket with our 6th full length release BREAKER OF BONES. We are happy to be working with an underground label, like PEST RECORDS, and thankful that they had interest in working with us, to bring these demo recordings together for this release." Mike LeGros

Demoliton of the Mind (Lyric Video) - youtu.be/7CFi8l9wEfc