Deathcvlt - Deathcvlt Pest Records Vinyl


Vinyl only release!


- Side A
1. Deathcvlt
2. Santa Muerte
3. Eternal Darkness
4. Inanis

- Side B
1. Dust Of Sacral Soul (Dark Mother Kali-Ma)
2. The Sign Of Death (Malak Al-Mawlt)
3. Damnation And Suffering
4. Blackned Kiss

DEATHCVLT was born thanks to XeS (Infernal Angels, Lilyum, Byblis etc.) in Ancona, Italy, to create a band with its roots in the old Melodic Black / Death Metal mixed with the darkest Thrash Metal essence. Following him in this madness, the guitarist/bassist Ulag (OsseltioN, In Lacrimaes Et Dolor, Scala Mercalli, Ibridoma). Afterwards, it's the turn for the recordings of the drummer Bestia (Infernal Angels, ex Absentia Lunae, Prison Of Mirrors). The debut album called as the band itself "Deathcvlt", was recorded by Ulag at its Ulag Zone, while Riv of Aggrezzor Production worked at the cover graphics and the official logo is made by legend Christophe Szpajdel. It features 8 songs and will be released on October 13th, 2021 via Pest Records in collaboration with My Kingdom Music, Australis Records, and The End Of Time Records in vinyl format only to save the old essence of their music.