Stromptha - Endura Pleniluniis Pest Records CDs


Co-release Satanath Records with Pest Records: new album Endura Pleniluniis of Greenlandic atmospheric black/doom metal band STROMPTHA is out on March 24th, 2020!

Two years after Odium Vult, the infamous act STROMPTHA from Greenland is back with a new musical journey, Endura Pleniluniis. STROMPTHA presents a new aspect of his art: Dark Folk and Cold Wave elements, various type of vocals, walls of keyboards, from acoustic to heavy and powerful parts, are some of the various ingredients of this new STROMPTHA alchemy. This new album is once again a very unique and personal approach of an intense and desperate type of music.

Endura Pleniluniis is made of two parts

- CAPITULUM I: CONSOLAMENT (tracks 1-3) in an original Atmospheric Black Metal where shadows of Doom and Ambient haunt and freeze the intense & original music of the one man band
- CAPITULUM II: TRESPASSAMENT (tracks 4-6) in a more Avant-Garde style where Cold Wave and Post-Punk shadows haunt the experience.

Somewhere and nowhere between The Cure, Midnight Odyssey, Type O Negative and Blut Aus Nord. Originally was self-released under title Endura as demo in 2019.

Catalog: SAT283 / PR015

Co-release with Satanath Records (Russia).

Jewel-case CD with 6-page booklet.

Includes Pit-Art CD

Limited to 500 copies