KOLAC release new single and video

Posted on May 8th, 2023

Serbian Black Metal squadron KOLAC release the first single taken off their upcoming advance promo material scheduled for the 12th of May in collaboration with Pest Records.

"Eppur si Muove" visualizer video is now streaming here:

Here's what the band had to say about it: ""Eppur Si Muove" is a first glimpse into KOLAC's new promo material, as well as the full length to come. It also marks the opening of the gates to our cooperation with Pest Records that is to bear hellish fruit later on. The song itself, as its title suggests, deals with Galileo Galilei. And not just him as the track stands for all the wrongfully accused and burned at the stake in the name of science. Thus, KOLAC makes the first into the semi-conceptual record that will see many more pyres surround innocent (and otherwise) individuals."

The visualizer video, the first of its kind in KOLAC's long history, has been marvelously done by Steve Thomas-Green of Digital Media Solutions.

KOLAC line-up:

Zlorog - guitar / vocal

Grob - bass

Sirivs - drums

Omadan IX - guitar











DISINTER present new video "Demolition of the Mind"

Posted on May 2nd, 2023

Chicago Death Metal veterans DISINTER released their new official video for the track "Demolition of the Mind" taken from the compilation album "Demolition", out via Pest Records last year. Watch "Demolition of the Mind" here:

The song itself is about brutal headaches, which guitarist Mike LeGros has suffered through life with, which what seems like forever. He has been a chronic sufferer of intense tremendous painful muscle tension, and stress headaches, around the shoulder neck and skull areas from years of repetitive motion due to work. "And from banging my fuckin head and thrashin' my brains out for the last 40 years" 😛 says Mike...

So the sufferer is approached by Dr. Misery, and the good Doctor renders the sufferer immobile. This all takes place in an abandoned medical facility. The steel death bed lies waiting for the sufferer, where the the pain is distributed. One blow at a time, pummeling, unrelenting, uncaring! Demolish the mind, destroy the will to live! Misery will not stop till the last and final blow is dealt out to the sufferer. Crowning his carnage with barbed wire, crowned in misery, on the table of torture, bleeding, dying, gasping, begging... to die.

"We had a blast making our first official music video, splicing band performances filmed in our rehearsal room, with footage of a scene filmed at an abandoned medical facility in the downtown medical district of Chicago. The scene depicts the sufferer being dragged into an operating room, by Dr Misery, whose prescription is torture pain and suffering. While the band band pummels and rages through the song, going from darkened room to a white, blinding light, pain immersed blood drenched frenzy. The pain and suffering is administered to the the sufferer by the doctor of dread!" says Mike Le Gros.

Video voncept by Mike LeGros/DISINTER

Directed by Vito Marchese/Mike LeGros

Filmed and edited by Marchese/LeGros

Order Demolition: https://pestrecords.bandcamp.com/album/disinter-de...

Demolition Tracklist:

01. Demolition of the Mind

02. Dead Inside

03. Disinter

04. Red Queen

05. The Hell We've Become

06. Demonic Portraiture

07. Reanimate the Ravenous

08. The Curse of Eternal Night

09. Breaker of Bones


Casey Loving: Vocals

Mike Le Gros: Guitars

Michael "Bats" Martocci: Guitars

Jon Billman: Bass

Max Colunga: Drums

DIMENTIANON to release new album on Pest Records!

Posted on February 21st, 2023

New York Doom Death Black metal combo DIMENTIANON announce their new studio album titled "Chapter VI: Burning Rebirth" to be out on April 14th as co-release jewel-case CD between Pest Records, Paragon Records (USA) and Symbol of Domination (Moldova)!

Pre-orders now open here:



Once again, DIMENTIANON return with their own style of Black, Death, Doom Metal charged with mesmerizing atmospheric, ambient elements. As always, the band follows NO trends and carve out a path all their own with a sound that is natural & refreshing. The band progresses from what they did on their previous album “Dreaming Yuggoth” even further to cultivate an eclectic sound more cohesive and devastating. Mainstay vocalist M delivers his distinct rasp & growls with the combination of Joe Fogarazzo (Rigor Sardonicous) on guitars/bass, Don Zaros (Evoken, Marshmallow Bunnies) on keyboards and Matt Hass (Reluctant Mortem) on drums to deliver organic, character driven instrumentals that form a line-up which gels so seamlessly.

The band exists in a void where few others will enter. For the first time in the bands history, the line-up has stayed the same for consecutive album releases and shows why they are one of the longest surviving, darkest cults the Long Island, NY scene has to offer!

Check out the first single "The Determining Line" here:

The return of Serbian Black Metal commando KOLAC!

Posted on February 14th, 2023

Although active on the live front ever since their foundation in 2006, Serbian Black Metal commando KOLAC have released their latest official material "Zauvek crni" 9 years ago in 2014, so it is about time for their new, third full-length album to be unleashed later this year in collaboration with Pest Records.

KOLAC's upcoming official effort will be a special one: a self-titled loose concept record featuring 9 new tracks plus intro revolving around the usage of stakes (KOLAC in Serbian language) as punishment methods in the Middle Ages and beyond. Primarily a traditional Black Metal band, KOLAC allows plenty of Thrash Metal touches to enrich their compositions, and the result is a combination of primal fury and energy, with darkened melodies and rhythmic diversity.

Here's what the band had to say about their upcoming album and collaboration with Pest Records: "It is but a pinnacle... The memory from the time we've made the initial contact fades. Pest Records has ever supported us and when it came to searching for an honest, dedicated label that shares our passion for dark soundscapes, there were obvious pointers. Through various forms of collaboration to the finalization of this agreement, we do not only hope, but are actually certain that we have found a reliable partner to help spread our wings further. We are beyond honored to be on Pest Records! Long awaited new music from Kolac is well on its way. Look out for pest's new breed!"

A three tracks advance promo is to be released in short time, but in the meantime check out the band's live ritual:

KOLAC will perform at the Metal Fest in Sarajevo, Bosnia on Saturday, the 25th of February. More info: https://facebook.com/events/s/metal-fest-pro-rock-...

KOLAC line-up:

Zlorog - guitar / vocal

Grob - bass

Sirivs - drums

Omadan IX - guitar







"Guerra Eterna" by Peruvian Death Metal band DISINTER out now on Pest Records

Posted on January 31st, 2023

"Guerra Eterna", the new full-length effort by Peruvian Death Metal heroes DISINTER, their fourth studio album, is now out in collaboration with Pest Records on jewel-case CD version!

Play & order here:


or here:


Celebrating the band's 30 years of activity and a new and determined line-up, DISINTER's fourth album is made of 12 tracks (9 + 3 intros) divided in 3 chapters:

Chapter I: Caos, guerra y muerte
Tracks 1-4

Chapter II: Ancestrales cultos heréticos
Tracks 5-8

Chapter III: Gloria inmortal
Tracks 9-12

A devastating material spreading terror and chaos from Peruvian lands, evoking obscure legends and blasphemous practices from one of the most respected bands of the South American Death Metal scene!

Not for the weak souls!!!

Check out "Orgia Negra" video here:

Artwork By – Jorge Vimendy
Bass, Vocals – Esophagus
Drums – Warogre
Guitar – Andrés Ramos
Guitar, Artwork By – Sadistik Kali
Recorded, mixed and mastered in 2022 at Giovanni Lama Studio in Lima, Peru.